Hippy Chic Maternity Style

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Published: 04th July 2012
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Our mother's era was nothing like today, now; we live in an era in which fashion is a much more common word in a multitude of ways as it relates to clothing, at that includes stylish. Regardless of the "rebel inside," women had to walk around covered and modest waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive. Not a tattoo in sight, nor a bare belly seen. It was deemed blasphemous and shameful. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. We have kinds and fashions in these times that suit any mother's taste ranging from an out-and-out funky and hippy direction to fashionable custom dresses. 

Nonetheless, there is a drawback to the new hipper maternity styles. Many women tend to "let themselves go" chanting the mantra "I'm eating for two, or three, maybe four." With the new maternity tendencies, women's bodies have to be kept in shape, pre and post being pregnant. For example, Gwen Stefani managed to keep her body tight, and dressed with flare all the way into her last trimester. OK, some of us will say, "she had a personal trainer, a stylist, and somebody to renovate her toenails." basically, that may be true, but we must take responsibility for our own bodies. Heck, a good brisk walk, a couple of ten-pound dumbbells, a few leg bends, and a strict diet, will help to keep off extra being pregnant weight.

No longer is becoming pregnant a time to bury ourselves under a frumpy, oversized dress for nine months. Now, we as women must learn to embrace our new shape during pregnancy. Of course, not all of us really should walk close to with a tattooed belly, and a midriff t-shirt. The new chic, funky, maternity style is not for everyone. Nonetheless, adding a few bits and pieces here and there will work. For example, a hippy floppy hat with a cool maternity t-shirt and skinny jeans will do the trick, or how about a pair of chic sandals with a bell-sleeved maternity dress? A little creativity goes a long way, and women's clothes in general has done just that. 

Trendy maternity garments are being transformed from the runway into designs that permits pregnant women to keep-up with the most up-to-date fashions. These trendy trendy maternity designs capture a woman's beauty and essence. It is not surprising that during this time people's life there is a subtle return to the flower power, peace, and love milieu. There are even women who have embellished tattooed bellies with henna, and flaunting it as well. The "I do not care attitude about flaunting pregnancies through belly-baring novelty and belly baring-couture is leading in a new concept of what is apposite in our society."

Many shops are now offering hippie-influenced looks for pregnant women. Some of the variations are so awesome, they can be worn whether a woman is pregnant or not. Celebrities frequently flock to theses stores simply because they want to look fashionable while pregnant. Jessica Alba was glimpsed sporting a Seraphine Matilda Behemian-Maxi gown and Jennifer Garner adores the maternity style of Chiarakruza Maternity clothing; Nevertheless, some of us may not have the budget of a celebrity. Right now's influenced maternity hippy designs can be found in stylish maternity or trendy elegant stores very similar to designs seen on the runway.

Thankfully, Currently we have the Web, something our moms would have valued, I'm sure. There are an abundance of websites offering the best in stylish, fashionable, trendy, hippy style maternity clothing to eager moms-to-be. We have to admit, the internet definitely comes in handy when resting our feet and staying near a restroom becomes a priority, and we all know why! Now, women can embody the look of freedom during a very distinctive time in their life. The desire to embrace life head-on has come full circle and fashion has become part of that development. 

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